Wireless Vs Wired

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Wireless Vs Wired

Postby Chaos8 » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:53 pm

Hello to all,
I have been using PMS 1.90.1 for a while now, so I'm a noob on this. :-)
I appreciate PMS a lot because it can read a lot of video formats, subtitles files, etc...

My recent problem: most of my videos are lagging after maybe 1h of streaming.
After researching on the forum, I understand now that Wifi is probably not the best for streaming.
So I'm planning to connect my router/modem to my PS3 and still use my laptop with Wifi. Do you think lagging issues would still happen?
I mostly have 720p movies in mp4, mkv or avi and I don't have an video in 1080p. But I do need to have subtitles files for some of them (could subtitles files cause lags?)

Once the cable is plugged in, could anyone help me on what/how to set up my PS3 and PMS ?
I tried setting up my PS3 to Wired connection but I had something like IP timeout and of course PMS couldn't find my PS3.
I'm feeling helpless now because should be quite easy right? There are probably clues on the forum/faq but I still don't get it.

Thank you
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