ID3 tags on MP3 files - can they be ignored?

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ID3 tags on MP3 files - can they be ignored?

Postby foxidrive » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:08 am

PMS reports every MP3 as the same file, by using identical ID3 tag information. Can searching the ID3 tags for MP3 be disabled and use the filename to describe MP3 files?

Longer explanation:
I used a tool called MP3WRAP which adds an ID3 V2.x TAG to the resulting MP3 file. It should not be removed - but PMS gives this information to my "Kogan Agora smart TV"
and every MP3 file has the same entry in the list, so I can't tell which MP3 file is which.

I've tried adding an ID3 V1.1 TAG but the server doesn't seem to look at that.

I haven't used a database, the folders are searched by browsing.

PMS 1.90.1
Windows 8.1 32 bit
Kogan Agora smart TV
The media plays fine.

Thanks for reading.
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