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Network shares

Postby Itanium » Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:34 pm

Hello !
I noticed a small problem with the software and network shares.
I have a HP MediaSmart server, with Windows Home Server in french version.
This OS provide a default share named "Vidéos" and all my .mkv are in this folder.
PS3 Media Server point this smb share in /volumes on OS X.

In this configuration, my videos are choppy and the buffer does not fill quickly enough.

But, if I use a shared folder like: Videos, instead Vidéos, all works great!

There's a bug with "é" in the share path/folder ?

The problem is that I can not rename the default shared folder for videos.

Aby ideas?!
Thank's a lot!

Mac Mini C2D @ 2Ghz, 2 Gigs Ram, 1Gbits network.
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