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No renderers found

Postby Isis » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:15 am


So I downloaded last night this wonderful program, I installed it, and got it working on my PS3 right off the bat. So after deciding enough with movie watching on my PS3, I shut down the console and the computer that had PMS running on it, this morning when I started it again I saw the following message with a huge red cross saying No renderers were found.

I've basically tried everything, shutting down PS3 -> Starting PMS -> Starting PS3. Also I've gone through all of the FAQ that were listed and tried everything from firewall -> making it into a WIndows Service, even uninstalling the program, restarting computer and all the shenanigans you can think off.

Oh and funny thing is, when I start PMS, it only shows on the computer that I have it on, and debug log states that it should appear in the renderer. No error messages.

Thanks in advance

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