Can't set transcode buffer to higher amount

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Can't set transcode buffer to higher amount

Postby postwarbreakout » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:52 pm


I'm having problems with stuttering videos at 1080p so I've been trying to set the buffer size to a higher amount than 400, but it's not possible. It says that 200mb are recommended, but nothing about a maximum - but I can type in whatever I want and click on save, but it won't work, the size is still 400mb.
So I had a look into the config file and I guess the values I need are
maxvideobuffer = 600
maximum_video_buffer_size = 400
I tried to set the second value to 600 too but that won't work either (it still shows 400mb in the program and if I enter 600, the value in the config file is set to 400 again).
My pc has 16 gig ram so I can't believe it's not possible to get more here?
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Re: Can't set transcode buffer to higher amount

Postby mazey » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:34 am

maxvideobuffer is a old value from earlier version configs which can now be removed as it is obsolete now, i would delete that line completely, "maximum_video_buffer_size = 600" is what you should have the reason you might not be able to set it higher is because your java heap size isn't large enough to accommodate it, check this guide on how you can increase it. i have mine set at 1536 and then launch pms using the pms.bat file located in the ps3 media server folder instead of the desktop icon you should then be able to use a higher buffer size.

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