How I fixed fast playback of Spotify under VLC Web Audio

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How I fixed fast playback of Spotify under VLC Web Audio

Postby Kddogg » Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:54 pm

After reading numerous threads I could not find anyone who had posted a real solution to the fast-forward sounding playback when streaming audio from Spotify via the PS3 Media Server and DSBridge combination. YMMV, but this is what worked for me explained for us laypersons instead of redirecting you to multiple thread mumbo-jumbo. Install PS3 Media Server straight from the box, install DSBridge and move the two ds files and the lame file to the profile location. (There are a lot of good instructions for this out there, but I found this one to be very easy to execute . His explanation is simple, clear and the screenshots are very helpful.) After doing all of those steps, I was able to connect to the PS3 system via the PS3 Media Server via the DSBridge. My problem was that what played from Spotify on the PS3 sounded like you were holding a fast forward button down which created an Alvin and the Chipmunks sound. I went through every post I could find, but no one posted a solution that I could find. Frustrated, I realized the devil was in the details and started methodically researching and testing. A lot of people were trying to say it was a problem with VLC or that MPlayer was no longer bundled in ver 1.82 and above. What I found was that the FFMpeg format and VLC are supported quite well. The solution I found was that two settings were incorrect for my setup. Both settings are accessed via the Transcoding Settings tab on the PS3 server. The first problem was that the 200MB file buffer size is too low for high quality audio. If you are streaming high quality audio, it needs to be set to 400mb file size. (I tried higher, but if you put in a value above 400mb and hit save, it defaults back to 400mb) A low file buffer size will result in a network error code on the PS3 which for me was 80710004.) The second thing to tweak was the number of processors. This setting is for your physical processors, DO NOT COUNT HYPERTHREAD PROCESSORS! My pc, for examples has the Intel® Core™ i5-460M Processor (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz). This is not actually a quad core processor, it is a dual core that emulates a quad core by adding two hyperthread processors. During installation, the PS3 Media Server read it as a quad core and set the processors to 4. I changed it to two after setting the file buffer size to 400mb, hit save and closed the PS3 Server. Another quirk I found was that you have to also close the PS3 server in the system tray. I then started Spotify, started playing from a playlist, turned on the PS3, navigated to the media server, then Web, then Radio, then Transcode, then VLC Web Audio (Legacy), and, Voila! Now my streaming is error free to my PS3 which is connected to my home A/V system. I hope this helps someone with a real solution, not explained over technically, I just tried to give down to earth, easy explanations. Remember, this worked for me, but YMMV. The important thing to take away is that the "data not supported" error for me was not an inability of the PS3 to handle the file format being sent by Spotify via the PS3 Media Server via the DSBridge, rather the incorrect number of processors in the settings was causing it to be transcoded incorrectly and that error was blowing up the buffer file. Good luck, I hope this helps someone else!
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