video fine, audio stutters

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video fine, audio stutters

Postby badatnames » Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:13 pm

Hi guys!

After a search with google and on this forum I could not find any topics discussing this problem. If you know of any that might help me, feel free to redirect me there and close this topic ;)

Every song I stream to my ps3 (all mp3) starts cutting out for half a second, every 10 or so seconds, about 30 seconds into the song. Local mp3 files are unaffected.
When I stream video (mp4, avi) everything is smooth.

I've tried lowering AC-3 re-encoding audio bit-rate to 384, incrementally turning off the two options above it (LPCM was already off) and turning off Automatic resampling.

On my ps3 I've turned off dynamic normalizer, ensured that MTU was set to automatic and set the volume during playback to 0 (default).

The log doesn't contain any errors in general and there's no mention of any events at the times these stutters occur.
Using the pms-1.90.2-snapshot made no difference, and with that desperate attempt I am now at a loss for where to look :(

If you need any more specifics I would be happy to provide them.

Many thanks for your help!
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