DVD playback on Sony bdp-s370

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DVD playback on Sony bdp-s370

Postby Bigspud » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:11 am

I did not include a log because this is a how-to question...

Version: 1.90.1

When I try to stream a video_ts folder on U.S. model BDP-s370, the non-transcoded title reports a "corrupt or unsupported file" error. The m2ts transcoded option plays fine but I cannot seek due to the transcoding process.

For fun, I extracted the main DVD title to test.mpg with Video Redo. Playing test.mpg exhibits the same behavior; the resulting stream is m2ts with no ability to seek.

But when I fill in the "skip transcode for extensions" box in the GUI with the "mpg" extension, test.mpg plays as a native mpeg file and I can seek.

To the point: is it possible to directly stream video_ts folders (or iso) to the BDP-s370 without transcoding to m2ts so I can seek forward/backwards?

Since PMS reports the client is a Sony Blu-ray player, I assume it is using the (unmodified) SonyBluray.conf which appears to be configured correctly for my model.

Below is a snippet.

# Supported video formats:
Supported = f:mpegps|mpegts v:mpeg1|mpeg2 a:ac3|dts|lpcm|mpa|mp3 m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:mpegts v:h264|vc1 a:ac3|dts|dtshd|truehd|aac|lpcm|mpa|mp3 m:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts

######### Comment/uncomment the sections below according to your region/model-year #########

######### 2010-11 US MODELS (Sony BDP-Sx70/80) ONLY:
Supported = f:mp4|m4v v:mp4|h264 a:ac3|dts|dtshd|truehd|aac|lpcm|mpa|mp3 m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:avi|divx v:divx|mp4 a:ac3|lpcm|mpa|mp3

Thanks for your help.
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