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FLAC questions/issues

Postby bafranksbro » Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:37 pm

I've been having issues streaming my FLAC music files, I just got them to stream using the latest Snapshot build. The problem is that they are 24bit 96khz 5.1 FLAC files which is listed as being supported by PMS but from what I can gather I can't find that anyone is actual able to stream these files without them being downsampled so none of the surround sound is left intact and it's quality is diminished. The last mention I've found of someone streaming multi channel FLAC files is from years ago... and their last post was that a new version of PMS broke the streaming of such files. Now I'll be honest I have very little idea of the procedure for trying to stream them, from what I can gather your supposed to be able to do so under the video section in the XMB but most of my albums' files are missing when I view them in the video section and the ones that show up won't play and says "file is corrupted."

So basically what I'm asking is if 24bit 96khz 5.1 FLAC streaming is still supported? And if so what are the steps one might take to try to get it to work? To me it sounds like there are multiple issues hindering my attempts.

If you need specific info from me let me know what you need to know, some of this debugging and log stuff just flies right over my head when I read it so I'm not sure how to even do a proper debug file. Also I'm on the Mac OS version at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)

EDIT: Just figured out as I tried to play another FLAC song through the music section that it's playing back at about half speed and there is a lot of high pitched noises, so the snapshot build isn't working perfectly. I did install an old windows version, 1.10.51, in a WineSkin wrapper in OSX that is able to stream the downsampled files no problem in the music section, hangs when I try to play through the video section on the XMB.
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