Q- buffer size, Band width and Real format

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Q- buffer size, Band width and Real format

Postby Tvfan » Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:47 pm

I am using Win 7, PMS 1.90.1 and wireless connection, have 3 questions

1) how do I incease buffer, everytime I change this size to something higher, like 1 gb or 2. PMS only default it back to 400 MB. I change size, save and quit, it always go back to 400. Is PMS designed to never allow you to increase buffer size beyond 400 MB?? or there is another way

2) same as max Bandwidth and Force port of the server setting. No matter how many time I change bandwidth setting to 0 and port of server to 5001. PMS alwasy change back to 1000 and None

3) I have a lot Real format (rmvb.) and Mkv Media files. I cannot use one video file engine to play them smoothly. it seems that Real format play well under FFmpeg and Mkv format is good under MEncoder, if I use other engine, it's either unrecoginzed format or slow frame rate or skipping scenes. it's so cumbersome to change the engine back and forth. is there a setting I can use to play all format smoothly

Many thanks
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