Lag with some certain MKV's

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Lag with some certain MKV's

Postby Dav1dante » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:17 am

I have a problem where certain MKV's lag while streaming. I play them normaly (no lag) on my PC but when i stream through PMS it lags a lot, but only on certain MKV's, there are others who play absolutly perfectly. For example i have in my PC Donnie Darko and Children of Men movies, when i watch them on my PC they are absolutly fine, but when i stream them they lag like hell, but then i have Avatar, 12 Monkeys that play absolutly perfectly on my PS3 and PC. I was using a wireless connection when i first found this problem, but i have tried wired and it stays the same. I hope someone can help me ;)

PS: All the movies are 720p.
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Re: Lag with some certain MKV's

Postby meskibob » Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:55 pm

I provide NO application support via PM or email, so please post your question to the forum per the Forum Rules.
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