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PMS and Mplayer

Postby lookupnotdown » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:49 am

Hi guys,

I've just installed PMS on windows 7 and have configured as per the instructions. However, when I try to play on my PS3 it errors with unsupported format.

Looking around, it is because it was trying VLC / FFMpeg however I don't have an option for "MPlayer" as the support guides suggest. In my list for web streaming audio there is only VLC web audio or FFMpeg web audio. In the PMS directory, mplayer is there as an executable but it doesnt get loaded with the other transcoders. In my PMS config, I have the following

engines = mencoder,avsmencoder,tsmuxer,mplayeraudio,mplayerwebaudio,ffmpegvideo,ffmpegaudio,tsmuxeraudio,ffmpegwebvideo,mencoderwebvideo,mplayervideodump,ffmpegwebaudio,ffmpegdvrmsremux,rawthumbs

which indicates mplayerwebadio, but it isnt in my list to select. Is there anyway to fix this?

Many thanks
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