Connecting with client bridge

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Connecting with client bridge

Postby gowings83 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:53 pm

Hey guys/gals, I just set up a router as a client bridge to rid myself of stutter playback when streaming from laptop to ps3. The main router is in the basement connected to the computer without a wireless card. The laptop and PS3 are upstairs. Now the computer downstairs has a shared folder full of SD media the plays fine, the laptop has all the HD. So what I did was set up the 2nd router upstairs with cables going to the ps3 and laptop. So with the PS3 I can get just internet usage (netflix ect) on the laptop I get internet, shared folders but the PS3 media server doesn't see either computer. It will however see the laptop when it is on the cable not wireless. Everything works fine when it's all wireless. Anyone have any idea why and how to fix this? Another person in the house uses the laptop in other places and I would still like to stream things wireless while it's in use, even get the stuff on computer downstairs. A cable is just not an option here either.
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