Strange problem with W8

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Strange problem with W8

Postby s2em » Sun Aug 04, 2013 6:35 am

Hi everybody.
First of all, I'm not english so excuse me for the many mistakes I'm gonna make in this (and other) post.
I have used PMS with my ps3 for a long time, with my old notebook with w7.
I got a new notebook which has windows 8 (it's a Lenovo z500) and I'm starting having issues with PMS.
It almost never finds the PS3. If I start windows media player's media server it is recognized (not always) by PMS, but the ps3 can't find them both.

Sometime (it's a rare thing) it happens to work, and the ps3 finds both PMS and WM, the video stream quality is good but sometimes it gives the error DLNA 2104 (not sure if is correct, but it's something like that) but the stream doesn't seem to suffer anything from that error.

Now I have to make PMS work in a stable way because I got my old notebook's 160gb internal hdd and I have how to use it, I'd like to use it in my xbox360 but if PMS is not gonna work properly I may transform it in an external usb hdd and use it just to watch stuff on ps3. Obviously I'd like to make pms work.

Thank you!
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