Video lagging problems

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Video lagging problems

Postby seal308 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:31 am


Here is my debug.log:

I am using a computer running lubuntu connected by ethernet.
I also connected my ps3 to my router by ethernet. And my router is connected by ethernet to the modem.
I did this because my modem only has 1 ethernet port.
I am running the latest official version of firmware on the PS3.

I did a download speed test on both my ps3 and the computer is about 10-15 Mbps at the lowest times.

I got the videos to start and play but there is a lagging issue.

It's weird though, my android nexus 7 is connected by wifi to the server and seems to stream more smoothly than the ps3.

There are so many suggestions/methods in the FAQ that I am a little confused.
I am wondering what method you think is best based on my information.
I tried playing with the duplex settings on the ps3 but it didn't help.

Is my network just too slow, are there ways to optimize PMS for lower settings?

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