is it Possible to Bind a Render.Conf based on IP ADDRESS?

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is it Possible to Bind a Render.Conf based on IP ADDRESS?

Postby kiyolaka » Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:55 pm

Hello, I have 3 XBMC Clients. Two of which are PC (all with wireless N 300 cards), the other is my android phone (wimpy first genertion N antenna) .

They all appear to have the same Header/Identification info when I removed the renderers to output the debug info.
Media renderer was not recognized. Possible identifying HTTP headers: User-Agent: UPnP/1.0 DLNADOC/1.50 Platinum/

Performance is just fine on the N300 PCS, however
I need to be able to scale down the quality, resolution , as well as throttle bandwidth for the Android ALONE.

What I would like to do if possible would be to Reserve the phone's IP address and handle it statically via DHCP and then somehow get PS3MS to associate a render.conf based off the IP address of the phone IE 192.168.2.X instead of using header Data.

Is there any way to do this, or any other way to accomplish my goal?
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Re: is it Possible to Bind a Render.Conf based on IP ADDRESS

Postby meskibob » Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:44 am

AFAIK there is no way to do this currently within a renderer conf. You could run two instances of PMS with separate profiles and use IP filters. Check the FAQ for more info.
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