ZoneAlarm woes

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ZoneAlarm woes

Postby kroma » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:04 pm


I have enjoyed using PMS successfully for a few years now. This week, I have updated Java and also updated to the new version of PMS.

Unfortunately, PMS no longer finds my renderers unless I use Windows Firewall instead of Zonealarm (and with Windows Firewall it won't work as a service).

I have tried everything, including updating to the newly-released version of Zonealarm and adding trusted IP ranges/addresses to Zonealarm.

Then, last night it all started working. With Zonealarm running! And as a service!!! :D

I checked my Zonealarm settings a little while back (and saw that my trusted IP range - which I added yesterday - was set). I deleted this to see if it made a difference and PMS stopped working so I added it back again. Guess what? Now PMS refuses to play ball either as a service or running as a standalone piece of software (unbless ZA is deactivated). :( I've tried everything again to no avail (I don't know what got it working last night... is there an incompatibility between PMS and ZA?).

Anyway, any ideas as to how to get it running again with ZA?

Many thanks,

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