Why do MKV files tripple in size when stored on the PS-3 ?

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Why do MKV files tripple in size when stored on the PS-3 ?

Postby Flippermatt » Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:41 pm


This is the first time I post here. My problem is that I can not stream media from the 2nd floor in the house where my two computers are, down to the basement where the PS-3 is located. My ps-3 works as the generall media output source in my home cinema. I knew it would stutter and lag beforehand as the distance is way too long and it just can't stream Hd movies through floors and walls...

However downloading from the computer works fine. I just bought a 500gb harddrive and have replaced the original 120gb. (darn those Gb gets chewede away fast when storing Hd movies).

Now here is my problem... If I check the MKV file on the computer before downloading it on the PS-3, it is usually sized around 7-9Gb.. However after stored on the PS-3 It now suddenly is gigantically big and could reach around 17-19 Gb..

How is that possible and what is happening in the transferring process ? I want Swedish subtitles for my kids to undersstand ENG movies so I usually remux the MKV with MKV-merge and leave all outher subtitles out except SWE. Does no difference, file is still doubble or tripple in size compared to the MKV on my computer..

Usually this "transcode" folder appears on the Ps-3 after downloading is finished.

I have checked around, googled the problem, but not found any solution... In this way my new 500GB harddrive will get stuffed in a week.

Am I doing something wrong ? :?

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Re: Why do MKV files tripple in size when stored on the PS-3

Postby chocolateboy » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:56 pm

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