Delay before starting to play a video

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Delay before starting to play a video

Postby Aurabolt » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:38 pm

Server: i7 920, 12GB, Windows 7
Gigabit ethernet connection to TV and server
Video files tested: approx. 600MB avi and mkv

I have PMS working on my network, and after a ton of config changes (Java size, PMS transcode buffer), I have it streaming and transcoding on the fly to my DNLA Vizio TV.. but I have 2 major problems:

- PMS is automatically doing "StreamStart" and "StreamStop" (don't have the log available, not sure the exact name) events every time the TV browses to a folder with multiple videos. I think it's trying to find the Date and Length of each video in the folder automatically, and it needs to transcode some of the file to find it.. is there a way to disable this? It makes the TV extremely unresponsive when I want to scroll down the list and choose a file to play.

- When I do get a file to play, I click "OK" on my TV remote, and PMS says "StreamStart"... the transcode buffer has a crazy negative number (ex: -482,892,238,528 or something). During this time, my Task Manager shows "mencoder.exe" or "vlc.exe" depending on my transcoder, using up a ton of CPU. I guess that makes sense, but it takes a solid 2-3 minutes before the video starts playing on the TV, and during that time, the TV is completely unresponsive. Once it starts, though, it works great, and the transcode buffer shows something normal like "136MB / 400MB". I have tried multiple transcoders (ffmpeg, vlc, mencoder) and changed all the settings I could think of (network speed, "limit fps"), but it's not helping. I also ran PMS on my i7 3770K to see if it was a processor problem/limitation.. but it did the same thing.

Can someone help me identify what my problem is? I can't imagine everyone else is waiting 3 minutes for a video to start playing.. and my hardware is OK.. my network is fast.. my TV is brand new..
I can attach my config files later when I get home, along with my debug..

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Re: Delay before starting to play a video

Postby bobotron » Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:55 am

You ever get any help with this? I'm having a similar issue with a brand new install on a similarly beefy machine. It even worked fine for awhile but now just seems to delay 5 minutes or so before every stream.
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Re: Delay before starting to play a video

Postby bobotron » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:49 pm

Just so you know, I was working on this yesterday, and after I started using the CoreAVC transcoder I saw this issue go away. There are pretty good instructions here: ... reavc.html

Worked fine all last night, so hopefully it helps you out!
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