Embedded Subs vs. External Subs.

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Embedded Subs vs. External Subs.

Postby lfmaestri » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:53 pm

I read a lot of stuff about the forced subs, subs priority, but nothing could help to solve this problem.

I'm using a Samsung TV with AllShare, witch is an amazing DLNA Tv, the best I've ever seen. It just don't need to transcode videos, what makes the best DLNA client in my opinion. PS3 Media Server just sends the file to the TV and opens on the highest quality, and more: WITH SUBS. External subs, actually, without being transcoded by Mencoder, that makes the videos heavier than heaven with MPEG-2.

Now, that's the problem: when I download a MKV or MP4 with embedded soft subs, the external subs does not work anymore. Neither the embedded subs. The {External Subs} at the end of file name is shown, but nothing happens.

I've already tried MKVTools or MP4Tools to remove the embedded subs of files, it works, but... you know, it's being a pain in the ass.

I would like to know what to do in such case.

I set forced subs to "br", and tags "forced". Named the file "FILE.br-forced.srt" or "FILE.br.srt" and the problem still happens. Subtitle language priority on Mencoder does not work, because Samsung AllShare skip transcoding. I would like to avoid transcode, it makes no sense when you doesn't need it.

Thanks, very much.
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Re: Embedded Subs vs. External Subs.

Postby ExSport » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:33 pm

You should post debug.log in TRACE mode/level to help you.
But if I remember right most of the time problem is that some renderer.conf files are defined with something like
Code: Select all

If extension is defined as streamed, PMS skips any transcoding/remuxing/priority logic and sends file as is.
If you will remove it from "StreamExtensions=" you need to say PMS that file is supported via similar lines:
Code: Select all

Not all renderer.conf files are "MediaInfo" enabled. But if you will create one, it should work.
Easily said, when supported file (e.g. MKV/h264) is defined via "Supported=" line instead of "StreamExtensions=", priority should work. PMS will transcode file when needed (hopefully I am not wrong).
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