Weird problem when displaying multiple subs at once.

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Weird problem when displaying multiple subs at once.

Postby ant900 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:31 am

Hey, I've been having a weird problem with my subs recently that seems to only happen when multiple subs are displayed at once (such as Karaoke for an anime). For some reason every other english line goes missing. For instance it will display:

namima ukabu chiisai fune
The small boat that floated between the waves

Then next it will display:
yurari yurari nagasarete

after that:
umi no mukou shiranu kuni
To that unknown country beyond the sea

It will just not display the english text every other line displayed. This has consistently been happening to me for a while now. Are there any fixes to this, or is it at least a known bug?
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