PS3 Update 4.41, MKV & Network Issues

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PS3 Update 4.41, MKV & Network Issues

Postby fauqur » Fri May 31, 2013 9:18 pm

So basically everything was working fine, watching some classic Anime MKV files. I did the Playstation system update 4.41 off of a USB

Now the PSM will not see the PS3 when both are connected to the router by Cat5e(Wireless on PC Disabled/PS3 set to wired). Shutdown and/or restarted pc and PS3 multiple times.

It will see it when both are on the WiFi but it will not play my HD MKV files; which is why I had it hard-wired in the first place.

Literally hours before doing the PS3 update I was watching the same files it now refuses to play. It attempts loading, sometimes screen artifacts appears over a black screen, then generic playstation "this video cannot be played".

I had another program that worked much better all around, but it did not support MKV files without a lot of hassle. So I started using PMS...

I was thinking of doing a fresh install, but I wanted to check here first.
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