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Playback issues.

Postby Mkilbride » Tue May 28, 2013 12:00 pm

Ugh. I dunno, this happens with some anime where things aren't synced properly, video is jerky.

I am trying to watch To-love-ru by Exiled Destiny. This is not the only anime I've had this issue with, but most can be fixed by playing with the settings. (Except Natsume, I never did manage to get Natsume to work properly.)

What I usually try is A/V Alternative Sync, 23 / 25FPS Mis-matrch option, and parse frame rate from FFmpeg, usually a combination of these options helps.

Frustratingly enough, they did help, it - for a few minutes. I've managed to get it rather close now, but there is still an issue with audio being to late, and subtitles not matching up properly. I compared it side by side to the one played on my PC and yeah, it's wrong, it ticks me off.

I can't figure out what options to use...tried everything I can think of, and it seems the best way I got it working so far is disabling both A/V Alternative Sync & 23 / 25 FPS mis-match - but I still have that 1 second mismatch that bugs the hell outta me. Anyone got any ideas, suggestions, or should I just give up and watch it on my PC?(Not that my PC screen is a slouch either, 27'' IPS)

*Update on the issue. It seems if I exit out of the show, i.e, press back, then OK again, it resets about 1s from where I was and stuff syncs up for 2-3 minutes, then slowly starts to de-sync again.
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