Problem video speed up

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Problem video speed up

Postby sebjean » Sat May 18, 2013 8:35 pm

Hi, first of all, english his not my native language, so ill try my best to understand me.

So im new to Ps3 Media Server, cause i didnt want to convert my video again and again, ill configured the program with the tutorial and search a bit on the forum, but ill find nothing for speed up video, ill watch the movie in format .MKV 720p on wifi (In the same room, and i got a good bandwith) and rarely but happen, the video speed up but the sound stay normal, ill changed the head maximum of Java to 1200mb, and put my MPEG-2 quality to Good HD for Wifi.

My transcode buffer (the blue bar under the green mark) go always full after 12 minutes of this movie (Dhjango... 720p mkv).

What can cause this problem? Well for the moment the speed up problem happen just 1 time, not bad.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english haha
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