¿How to watch Online movies using PMS?

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¿How to watch Online movies using PMS?

Postby Monox18 » Sat May 04, 2013 11:28 pm

Well the problem is this.

I'm already paying for Netflix and i love it. It is just that its movie library is not big enough for me and sometimes i can't find what i want to watch.

In those cases i try pages with free online streaming such as www.cuevana.tv, www.mobilevids.org. The quality is of course lower but it's okay as long as it has what i want to watch. They have bigger libraries.

The PS3 browser sucks and doesn't work very well. Won't directly stream movies.

I've tried pluggin my PC directly to the TV and it works. The problem is that the PC won't match up the higher resolutions from the HDTV. Its like a permanent lag, like if you could see the movie in slow motion because the PC isn't good enough to stream on higher resolutions. Only works on the standard and the lower ones.

So what i want to try is using Playstation Media Server to stream directly to the PS3. How do i do that? I already have PMS working. I dislike downloading movies and then watching them. Again, my PC just sucks and has a limited HDD capacity. So i wanna watch them on the best resolution avalaible on TV while watching them online without saving it on the PC. Any thoughs? Thank You !
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Re: ¿How to watch Online movies using PMS?

Postby digitalmofo » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:29 am

Did you ever figure this out?
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