PMS connecting and Disconnecting problems.

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PMS connecting and Disconnecting problems.

Postby Phantom_Incarnate » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:13 am

Ok, so after going crazy searching forums far and wide I am finnaly deciding to create a topic so hopefully this can get solved.
First off:
*I have Playstation Media Server 1.80.0
*My IP is whitelisted
*Windows 7, AMD quad core 3.81ghz, 4gigs ram DDR3, 1tb Western Digital HD, 2tb samsung
*Windows 7 firewall is always off

So when i go to turn on my PS3 and Media Server i normally can get the PS3 to show up on my computer as a rendered device after a couple of resets and the ocasional "quit" option. But the problem is the Media Server not showing up on the XMB.
>THings i tried to fix this (i normally reset the server after each step)
-Going to Network settings on the PS3 and disableing then enabling "Media Server"
-Going to Internet connection test (this helps around 50/50 in brining up the PMS on my PS3)
-Disabling UPNP in connection settings under custom settings
-Restarting PS3 and the PMS several times.

EDIT: Also a new issue, sometimes when i go to watch a video or movie i will get a black screen and the PS3 locks up and the only thing i can do is hold the middle button and turn off system. THe ps3 will take about 30 seconds to turn off but before hand will beep 3 times in rapid rate.

Other than that im not sure what there is to do, When the Media server is up it works fine. But then if i let it idle to long (ex: if i pause for more then 1-3minutes it will crash with DLNA error 2104 - or if im viewing a folder and i let it sit for to long it gives up with a DLNA error code)

Ive searched several forums now and each problem seems to be off of what mine is. It takes me rougly a half and hour to get the server recognized on my PS3 and afterwards can work fine minus the issue listed above. Please any help or settings to change is strongly aprreciated! Thank you in advance.

-P.S I only stated this thread due to a weeks worth search on multiple forums and still not finding the solution. If some one does however know of a thread with this SAME issue please if you may link it for me for time sake. Again, THANK YOU :)
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