Music isn't playing at all :(

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Music isn't playing at all :(

Postby Riggy » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:26 pm

Hello everyone :)

I've only recently started using PMS and it's a godsend! It really is, I couldn't live without it now! BUT... any music files I try and play on my ps3 from my PC, they just don't work. I've tried normal MP3's, WAV files, FLAC with no luck. When you choose a song to play, the 'Music Player' comes up and acts as if the music is playing but there isn't any sound at all.

I've tried the normal schoolboy error's, It wasn't on mute and the volume was turned up. I've even tried de-selecting certain audio codecs on the PS3 (Which worked for my audio issues on video files, so it downmixes the audio to 2.0).

Has anyone got any thoughts on this issue at all? I would greatly appreciate any input :)

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