Issues relating to transcoded videos and subtitles

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Issues relating to transcoded videos and subtitles

Postby therethere » Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:17 am

  1. Whenever a file is being transcoded, the last 5-10 seconds or so of the video freezes while the audio still goes on.
  2. .divx files has choppy playback and loses audio even when PS3 supports it and therefore doesn't need to be transcoded.
  3. .flv/.rmvb files are out of sync. Checking and unchecking A/V has no effect.
  4. Filling in the Audio/subtitles language priority actually causes the subtitles NOT to show up (example: jpn,eng). Workaround is to change priority manually in the above 2 settings.
  5. For some reason, when you change the Transfer maximum buffer size, the new number doesn't get saved even if you press the Save button.
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