Audio Sync Issues, tried everything PLZ HELP !!

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Audio Sync Issues, tried everything PLZ HELP !!

Postby naamloosmusic » Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:57 pm

Hey there

I have always been using the PS3 Media Server, and i must say it has always been amazingly helpful and pure joy to use BUT... i am having some problems lately.
I recently decided to reinstall my PC since i had some problems, and for some reason, i can't get it to stream properly.

I just reinstalled Windows 7 Professional (64bit), i have ALL the latest drivers/updates, i reinstalled PMS, and i can't get it to work properly.

For some reason it streams without a problem, the subtitles work, but the audio is out of sync.
I tried disabling the "A/V sync alternative method" and enabling "Force framerate parsed from FFmpeg", but no results.
So i moved up the tsMuxeR and FFmpeg engine, and it seems to work flawlessly then but i seem to have no subtitles.

What can i do as it used to work fine without ANY problems, please help!!!

Here's a little information about my PC / setup:

CPU: Intel I7 2600k @ 4,44 ghz
MEM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600mhz
SSD: 120gb Corsair Force GT 550mbps
GFX: 2x 470GTX 1,5gb @ SLI
HDD: 2x 1TB HDD's
LAN: 1000mbit
Router: 1000mbit
Connection type: Wired with ethernet cable (both ps3+pc).
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