Fixing Windows 8 and XBOX 360 Streaming Problems.

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Fixing Windows 8 and XBOX 360 Streaming Problems.

Postby s.oconnor » Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:34 am

Hey Guys,

I have been searching everywhere for a fix on how to get my XBOX 360 to work with PMS after I recently upgraded to Windows 8. Everything from changing the wrapper.conf file and the XBOX360.conf file to forcing a specific IP, turning on media sharing and trying to work around that, opening ports on my router and firewall and none of those seemed to work. I even went and tried to use serviio with no luck. I then though stuff it I'll just using Windows Media Server and convert mkv files to mp4 etc etc. But low and behold that didn't work so i went though the Microsoft troubleshooting guide and low and behold PMS work perfectly after using there trouble shooting guide to get Windows Media Server to work with my Extender (XBOX 360) please find below a link to the guide i followed that solved EVERY problem I've been having with streaming to my XBOX 360 using PMS (problem include XBOX not being found, to XBOX being found but not able to see files, seeing files but then dropping out etc etc etc) ... refirewall

the guide is for windows 7 however it's easy adopted to windows 8 and it worked a treat for all my problems I just hope it works for any of yours.

Just whenever you create a rule (if using windows firewall) create a custom rule and work from there. I found that using the custom rule gave me all the options needed to creat the whole rule set out in the guide above.

Any questions or help needed don't be afraid to ask, as i had heaps but i could not get any answers.

EDIT: I went through this troubleshooting with a friend who was having the same problem however his videos skipped/paused/ kept playing with no audio then the audio would catch up while the video paused etc so I followed this FAQ as well and it worked a charm for him, went through the options one by one following the instructions and his is working just as well as mine now.

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Re: Fixing Windows 8 and XBOX 360 Streaming Problems.

Postby Raptor399 » Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:56 pm

Thanks for sharing!
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