new vizio e series 32 inch

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new vizio e series 32 inch

Postby tomahawkchop661 » Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:54 am

Sorry if this question has been answered, but, i have been searching for days for the answer to no avail. I recently purchased the 32 inch e series vizio smart tv for the kids. I can see pms on the tv and the tv is picked up by pms the problem is when i open the folder containing my videos on the tv i can play all videos that are AVI format they play fine, but the majority of my movies are MP4 format and the tv wont play them it actually just shuts off when i hit play. i changed the pms config to force skip the transcode for mp4 and avi, when i do it that way i can actually click on any of my videos and it just says no codec.....but at least it doesnt turn the tv basically all movies i have that are avi play fine on my vizio with normal pms setting and mp4 doesnt .....any help please...
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