Allplay drops server

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Allplay drops server

Postby Imran23 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:45 pm

Intel Core i3 2.93 GHz
Win7 Ultimate
PMS 1.70.1

Hi, I just got a Samsung Smart TV and I am using PMS to stream to the "Allshare Play" app on my TV. The server computer is connected to a gigabit switch with a cat 6 cable and my TV is connected by a cat 6 cable to a N-router. (The router is connected to the gigabit switch via a cat 6 cable as-well).

The problem is, whenever I stream any file be it 1920x1080 or just an average 720x576, The video plays pretty well and then when it passes around 30 minutes, it just keeps pausing and playing until it reaches a point where the TV says that it has a connection error with the PMS.

FYI. I don't think transcoding is the problem because this happens with every type of file format, even the ones that don't need transcoding.

Also, the log doesn't say much...
INFO 2013-02-12 18:41:44.879 [StartPlaying Event] renderer:, file: xxxxx
INFO 2013-02-12 19:07:38.257 [StopPlaying Event] renderer:, file: xxxxx
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