Worked fine when installed - cant connect the next day :(

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Worked fine when installed - cant connect the next day :(

Postby techbrat13 » Sun Apr 05, 2009 12:16 pm

It worked fine for me yesterday when I first installed it without me having to do anything at all. UPnP was already set so it just ran immediately after installation showing my PS3 as foudn on the PC and
showing my PC drives on the PS3. I even streamed 720P HD MKV video with only one issue it was stretching the video vertically to full screen instead of showing the horizontal black bars on my HDTV 16:9
screen. I even ran video off two different laptops and both worked fine.
Today though I just cant get it to work either way on any of the laptops. Both dont detect my PS3 and my PS3 does not detect the media server on either computer.
I even tried to restore my PS3 to factory default to see if the problem was with the PS3, tried to reinstall ps3mediaserver, reinstalling java ... still no luck. Tried researching on your forums too ...
Please HELP!!!

The primary comp is an Acer laptop with an AMD64 2ghz processor and 1
gig of RAM, running on a Netgear wireless G network. I setup my
wireless network with IP reservation for all machines so I can
configure the firewall exceptions for the specific IP addresses. The
laptop IP is and the PS3 ip is port is
default port.
attached is the debug.log file.
Please help me enjoy the brilliant app

UPDATE : Tried TVersity too and still cant connect ... could it be the PS3 ????

Seems to work now ... and i have not done anything since last nite except to reboot my router and remove the IP reservation for PS3
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Re: Worked fine when installed - cant connect the next day :(

Postby meskibob » Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:38 pm

The debug log is not attached.... Make sure it is zipped otherwise it won't attach.
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