2 problems with audio

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2 problems with audio

Postby Tzereen » Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:09 am

Hello all,
first time here, though I'm a longtime fan of this program. :)

I mostly haven't had any problems with PS3MS, or I managed to solve them fiddling with settings.
(Cinavia is the only problem I couldn't solve, but I stopped trying)

Now, I have 2 (big ?) problems.
Firstly, I cannot play Hero (2002) with chinese audio. If I leave english audio as default, all is ok, but I wanna hear the movie as it was shot, in chinese (mandarin?).
English is AC3 and is ok, but chinese is in DTS, maybe that's the reason it doesn't play?

I tried connecting PS3 with optical directly to my homecinema, or with HDMI to TV, and TV with optical to homecinema.
i tried setting audio to chi (chinese), or cmn and yue for mandarin, but no sound at all.
I tried to use transcode then, but also didn't work.

So, I'd really be thankful for some input.
Also, I cannot watch Girls season 2 (both episodes). Sound is ok during "previously on", but after that it goes like 20x times slower, like it's in slowmo.

Thanks in advance
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