no files found on remote library

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no files found on remote library

Postby youngt2 » Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:11 am

Recently changed to PMS and I'm having some trouble on setup. The computer with PMS is W7 Pro and I'm trying to stream to W7 Pro as well. I have set the settings and added media folders in PMS but, when I open WMP on the remote computer (same local network), I am able to see the 'PS3 Media Server' device, but all folders say there is no media available.

During my trouble shooting I've tried using WMP sharing on the host computer and its giving a similar problem. I know the receiving computer is working properly because streaming from XBMC from a 3rd computer doesn't seem to work. So something is wrong with the 1st host computer. Are there some settings I could be missing that are some how blocking the files themselves from being shared??
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