DTS Playback runs to fast

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DTS Playback runs to fast

Postby thydney1970 » Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:02 am

Hi guys

i just installed the newes version of pms, version 1.72.0, as upgrade to the previous version 1.70.2. I have now the problem that when i stream a movie and transcode is for listening with dts (linear pcm), that the dts-track runs much to fast and is unlistable. I can't understand anything and it's like listening to screaming cats :-)

does anybody have the necessary hint for me to getting the stream working properly in dts ? I have that problem not to all movies with dts, but the funny thing is, is that the problem occur to movies which worked without any problems with dts in the past. but with the newest pms there must be some changes. do i have to update ffmpeg, mplayer probably ? how have I to update these if tht's the way for solving that problem.

I have the ps3 slim, with the newest firmware. ps3 is connected via hdmi-cable to my onkyo-receiver tx-sr875. on my computer/server i have windows 7 64bit installed.

i am looking forward to hear from yu and thank you very much for your support.


thydney1970/zurich, switzerland
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