Streaming with external subtitles

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Streaming with external subtitles

Postby iamsamsamiam » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:28 am

So basically I'm testing out a new set up and going with a pure streaming route vs a transcoding route and I've been hit with the inability to just stream video with an external subtitle file.

I normally just use srt subs and it works fine when I'm transcoding but I want to see if I can just purely stream media to offload all the workload to the media players.

MKVs with internal subs stream with the subtitles fine but all files with external subs don't show up even though when I browse the media folder I see 'filename.extention {External Subtitles}' for all the files with subtitles.

If I enter the #--Transcode--# folder [No Encoding]{External Subtitles} still doesn't show subtitles (I'm guessing it's the same as the default I set) while [MEncoder]{External Subtitles} shows subtitles but of course it's no longer streamed and seek capability is lost.

I'm running a Windows 8 x64 machine with a quadcore and PMS 1.72.0 Build: d9fd0a44c (2012-11-18).

The devices I'm streaming to is a PS3 running Showtime 4.1+ and an Android tablet and I'm getting another Android based media player for the TV (another reason why I'm trying to do a stream set up) to offset the PS3's h.264 level issue. The PS3 and my new Android media player are on a wired network.

I made a different conf for Showtime 4.1 and modified the Android.conf files to stream basically all the media extensions. Showtime 4.1 and Android both get detected as renderers.

Basically, I'm getting a new media player and want to preserve seek capability over a wired media share network which transcoding doesn't allow.
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