TV not able to play 1080p via DLNA?

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TV not able to play 1080p via DLNA?

Postby spmmfycn » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:05 pm

:?: Hi everyone,

Im pretty new to the whole transcoding/muxing topic and I am not an native english speaker, but ill try my best to explain my problem.
So I am using a MacBook Air (i5 dualcore, connected via WLan n 300Mbit MCS-Index 15), a TimeCapsule as 1Gbit switch and an Samsung TV (UE46D....., connected via wired 1Gbit).

Is it correct, that:
- if my TV supports the fileformat, PMS does 'nothing' (no muxing, no trancoding)
- if i am experiencing 'unsmooth' playback (missing frames?) or reloading during playback, the limiting factor is most likely the network bandwith or the internal TV hardware
- in that case (my TV supports most formats) the only way to 'force' transcoding is by using the transcode-folder

- what exactly is the difference between mpg2 transcoding and MEncoder? I just dont get in which case PMS uses which method.

The thing is, that if I am trying to watch 1080p material, I am experiencing the mentioned unsmooth playback an reloading. If i force transcoding, the playback seems smooth - but of course i am loosing quality. I think that maybe my TV either does only support 100Mbit Ethernet (which maybe is too slow), or the internal hardware is too slow/cheap for 1080p playback. And as final question: considering i am right.. what would be the best way to deal with it (in terms of quality) - mpg2 transcoding with 1-1-1?

Thank you very much!
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