PMS will not connect.

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PMS will not connect.

Postby alyusha » Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:17 am


I have 2 laptops, both with PMS with the exact same settings. One is a Windows 7, the other Windows 8. One the Windows 7 PC the PMS work's perfectly 99% of the time. On the Windows 8 PC PMS works next to never, but has worked a few times. I read in an earlier post from someone with a related problem, someone had mentioned that maybe the problem is related due to the fact the computers were on a WORKGROUP. My 2 computers are on a HOMEGROUP. If this is the issue, is there anyway around it?

On the Windows 8 PC most the time the status shows a red X and no renderers. When this is happening, my PS3 will display the error, which I do not really understand, "Access to the media server is not allowed. It is possible that the system name for this PS3 system, "PS3-990, has not been register. Check the settings for the media server." In my ps3 menu the Windows 7 PC displays a picture of a PS3 and the 8-PC displays almost what looks like a XBOX360 or a white external hard drive.

Thank you for any help!
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