PS3 Media Server and Windows 8

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PS3 Media Server and Windows 8

Postby thomZ » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:45 pm

Hi everybody,

I've been using PSM for a while and I think the software is really great.

Nevertheless,I've recently updated my computer with Windows 8 PRO and PSM can't find my PS3 anymore. So when I run the program from the .exe, I keep the huge red cross and the PS3 isn't find.

The strange thing is that when I run the program from the .jar file, everything works like a charm.

Does someone have the solution to that problem ?

Thank you very much.
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Re: PS3 Media Server and Windows 8

Postby meskibob » Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:13 pm

I provide NO application support via PM or email, so please post your question to the forum per the Forum Rules.
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Re: PS3 Media Server and Windows 8

Postby Kazzx » Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:25 am

Same problem here, when I launch from the .jar file it picks right up, doesnt work if i run the .exe
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Re: PS3 Media Server and Windows 8

Postby jcentricity » Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:22 am

I was able to get PMS 1.7 set work on windows 8.

Here are steps

1. go to control panel services.
2. Ensure Windows Media Player Internet Sharing Service is running
3. Go to Tiles view
4. Put cursor in upper right hand corner to get side menu
5. Click settings
6. Click Ethernet Icon
7. Right Click on Network
8. Turn Sharing ON

9. In PS3 Media Player Force IP address to
Forcing port is optional if you run a netstat -a and don't see PMS running on port
change it to a diferent port.

After changes about PMS was able to find my playstation
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