Does PMS show up on smart tvs like the ps3?

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Does PMS show up on smart tvs like the ps3?

Postby Gareee » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:52 am

We just purchased a Mitsubishi WD 82742, and it has a wifi plugin option. If we add that, the tv has net capability, and I was wondering if smart tvs also can play media fom the network, and specifically, if pms will show up on it as a media source?

If so, we wouldn't have to stream media through the ps3 (not that that has been an issue.)

Another concern I need to look through is we are getting 66meg max speed through PMS and we'll be attempting to stream 1080p/1080p 3D instead of 720p as we have been doing up till now t the new TV. I've looked through the optimising setting thread, but am not sure what i should change to see if this is possible. (Our modem is across the house no where near our TV or PS3)

We have added a wifi extender, and the ps3 is on a wireless n ethernet brige to maximize it's bandwidth.
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