quality loss when playing hd movies

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quality loss when playing hd movies

Postby deeqfinch » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:10 am

im bit of a layman in video technicalities . but i have managed to learn to play movies on my ps3 using ps3 media server over wired lan .

i want to confirm one thing from an expert though . is there quality being lost while watching 1080p movies on ps3 ? full 1080p movies which are like 10-15 GB .
my lan is wired and thus can support the bandwidth of streaming .

this is my current settings = keyint=5:vqscale=1:vqmin=2
im assuming its the best.
if there is anything i can do to improve the quality of video on ps3 . please let me know .

i want to know , if i was to connect a hdmi cable from my pc to tv . and watch movies using that way . will it be better ? or streaming over ps3 media server is perfect enough . im talking minor quality loss too . if quality on ps3 thru pms is even 5% less of that source file . than i would rather avoid it. (thats why the full hd 1080p movies in the first place). i want them played lossless on ps3.

please suggest. thanks
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