Audio Questions - DTS and VC-1 w/ AC3 streaming

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Audio Questions - DTS and VC-1 w/ AC3 streaming

Postby kevinr » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:36 pm


First off, thank you for a wonderful piece of software. Like many here, I would imagine, I'm a frustrated ex-TVersity user. I liked the flashlib access for computers, but it was so tempermental that I spent more time fiddling with it than actually watching videos! Also, I have a large number of Blu-Ray discs that use VC-1, and I want to be able to play them with AC-3. I'm having a couple of problems here, most likely related to user error, but would appreciate any help.

1. DTS - I've been searching around, and am a little confused. The release notes say you can stream this, but some posts say you can't - only from media. I have a .m2ts file with a DTS track. If I play it from the main (not transcode) folder, there's no audio. If I go to the transcode folder, it will play, but the PS3 shows it as Dolby Digital. If I check the DTS/FLAC -> LCPM remux checkbox, then the PS3 displays the audio as Linear PCM 2.0, but my receivers shows 5.1 DTS, so I assume that's the way I need to go. However, I do not have an HDMI receiver - the app says this is required - just a standard optical link, so I don't know if this is actually working or not. I have TSMuxer as the first priority codec. The other thing I noticed is that in the Transcode folder, there is an MEncoder entry for the DTS audio, but not for TSMuxer - shouldn't there be?

2. VC-1 and AC3. This one has always caused me problems on the PS3. Everything I've read says that you can't stream VC-1 and multichannel audio, so I've demuxed the audio, converted to 2 channel WMA, muxed the video and audio in a WMV, and it will play that way, but I want 5.1 Audio. I can play these files on PS3MS using MEcoder, and they play with 5.1 audio. The problem is that the video will start to stutter after a while. If I pause the video for a bit, it will play smoothly again, sometimes for a very long time, but then the audio gets out of sync. One post I found that seems to be related said to clear Remux when audio track is AC3, but this doesn't seem to make any difference for me.

Support Info:

1- Athlon X64 4200+, 2 GB Ram. XP Professional
2- 100 Mb/s wired connection
3- Version 1.10.51
4. No log file, as I'm at work at the moment

Again, thank you for any help.

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