Mencoder skipping, FFMpeg not.

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Mencoder skipping, FFMpeg not.

Postby Mkilbride » Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:17 pm

So I was watching a show last night and it kept skipping. So I select FFPmeg and it did not .

However, for files that aren't English audio and have subtitles, I can't use FFPmeg...

I cannot figure out WHY Mencoder is skipping

2500K @ 4.5GHZ
GTX670 SLi
Windows 7 64-bit

1536MB set in the files. I had this issue after I went past the 1.50 series and it's frustrating. I did a complete uninstall as well, and re-install and this problem persists.

Wired connection, PS3 Media player detects as 512Mb/s, and at times 1Gb/s

What I usually notice is a "Spike" or so,where the Audio, running @ 1.5MB/s, spikes to 2MB/s, then goes down to 640KB/s, then then __ line appears as to there is no audio. Curious as to what settings would cause this.
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