problems with watching filmcredits white text on black bg

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problems with watching filmcredits white text on black bg

Postby Fridaybrew » Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:53 pm

Great work!
I just updated to the 1.03 version of PMS and it seems to work nicely.
I tested the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and everything looked nice (i used the setting lossless, crazy bitrate) no troubles at all. It was first at the credits of the movie i noticed problems, when the list of stunt poeple that was in the movie showed up it started stuttering alot. the info on the ps3 stated upwards 270Mbps which i know is typical if the cpu load is to high or the bandwith is limited or wireless. I have Wired 100mbps and the cpu load never exceeded 50%, the buffer was full and in taskmanager it stated that i never was above 90mbps. In PMS the peak bitrate is stated to be 76546 kb/s.
The more white text (on black background) the more problems it seems to have, since my computer is somewhat ok i suspect this beeing a symptom of something else.

I now tested a few other movie titles:
Pineapple express had trouble when the movei still was showing and the credits just started before the screen went black, and when the songlist aatt the end of the credits (alot of text) then it studdered again.
Also noticed some sync problems at the end of the movie (used the go to command) and let it buffer up max but not even pausing and playing solved the out of sync problems.
The credits of Matrix worked fine it had a green color to the text and the text was not massive.
The movie THe duchess no syncproblems when got to function was used to go to the end of the movie, but the credits did studder when alot of white text rolled by.

operating system is Vista ultimate
wired connection all the way 100Mbps
subtitles dissabled
i think the version on ps3 is 2.53
I used the standard mencoder on all movies
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