tsMuxer and DTS->AC3 transcoding

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tsMuxer and DTS->AC3 transcoding

Postby Ashmodai » Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:55 am

Hi, I am trying to stream my HD mkvs collection only and I would prefer the tsMuxer option since it is only remuxing avoiding any quality loss and still keeping the bitrate and processing power very low which is just perfect for me. My issue is that some of my mkv do have a DTS track instead of a AC3 one and I was not successfull in finding how to "transcode" only the audio still keeping the video stream intact. I tried the two options force ac3 remuxing and force pcm remuxing but in both cases my ps3 reports a corrupted file and i see the following exception in the console

[Thread-1001] TRACE 01:22:34.141 Exception in thread "Thread-1001" java.lang.NullPointerException
[Thread-1001] TRACE 01:22:34.141 at net.pms.io.PipeIPCProcess.run(PipeIPCProcess.java:54)
[ffmpeg] TRACE 01:22:34.331 Process ffmpeg has a return code of 1! Maybe an error occured... check the log file
[Thread-1002] TRACE 01:22:34.593 Exception in thread "Thread-1002" java.lang.NullPointerException


[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.025 Exception in thread "Thread-377" java.lang.NullPointerException
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.025 at java.lang.Thread.init(Thread.java:366)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.025 at java.lang.Thread.<init>(Thread.java:436)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.025 at net.pms.io.ProcessWrapperImpl.<init>(ProcessWrapperImpl.java:55)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.026 at net.pms.encoders.TSMuxerVideo.launchTranscode(TSMuxerVideo.java:206)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.026 at net.pms.dlna.DLNAResource.getInputStream(DLNAResource.java:692)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.026 at net.pms.network.Request.answer(Request.java:187)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.026 at net.pms.network.RequestHandler.run(RequestHandler.java:129)
[Thread-377] TRACE 01:30:21.027 at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:636)

also it would be really great to be able to choose your transcoder based on some criteria of the video like .
- if avc profile less or equal to 4.1 use tsmuxer
- otherwhise use mencoder

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