I have a particular MKV that won't play. Can you help?

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I have a particular MKV that won't play. Can you help?

Postby Dan_Aykroyd » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:46 am


FIrst; thanks for this great app shangrath! It's truly awesome and have played pretty much everything that was thrown at it!

Now, this MKV I have (16 GB aprox.) won't play on the PS3 (but will play in VLC in the computer), and I don't know what can I do to make it work. I think the file has sound in FLAC format or something, so when I try to play it on the PS3 I get the infamous "File is corrupted" message.

I'm running a 2.5 Ghz Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM HP running VIsta Ultimate, and have installed the latest media server version (1.10.51). I even tried a couple of version before this and didn't work neither.

Can you please guide me as what I can try, or if I should post more information of the file? Please, let me know what you need (with what app should I get the info from the MKV).

Oh... Another thing. Before using your server, I was converting MKVs to VOB with the mkv2vob application, which was also working OK. The thing is that, for this very same file, that program gives an error when trying to convert it. Probably something with the codecs or who knows?

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to mention. In the computer running PS3 Media Server, I get a message error saying that tsMuxer.exe has crashed. That happens when I try to play the video in the PS3. And trying the other encoders, I don't get an error on the computer, but they don't play in the PS3.

Thanks in advance for your time people!
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