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Re: Maximum bandwidth setting

Postby odub303 » Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:45 am

odub303 wrote:
Jagged wrote:
odub303 wrote:I am having difficulty "enforcing" the maximum bandwidth setting as well, even after trying the recommended 25:1:2 settings. I am currently using m HP ex487 Windows Home Server to transcode and stream movies to my PS3 using PMS The WHS has a 64 bit single core Celeron 440 2.0 ghz processor and 2 gigs of ddr2 800 mhz memory, so it has what i would consider "adequate" muscle. I downloaded some blueray rips (some 1080p some 720p) and cannot get the stuttering to cease when streaming because the video bitrate keeps climbing up over over 12-15mbs, which is where I notice the stuttering start to happen. The good news is that within the next week my entire house will be wired with cat 6 gigE cable, so I will no longer be running wireless! Until then though, I would like to try to figure out how to enforce the maximum video bandwidth setting. Basically, I'm looking for optimum settings for my particular server configuration over wireless g to my PS3. Let's assume I am transcoding 1080p that has already been ripped from a bluray source, so it is not "true" uncompressed 1080p anymore. Any suggestions/ideas? Thanks!


P.S. This software is so much easier and more functional than TVersity, I love it!

Are you transcoding? (is the "switch to tsmuxer for compatible videos" unchecked?).

I also think you'd be hard pressed to transcode 1080p on a single core proc @ 2ghz.

The "switch to tsmuxer for compatible videos IS checked".... I'm assuming, from your statement, that I should uncheck it?
As for transcoding 1080p, it's not full bandwidth 1080p, it's already been compressed during the rip from the bluray source, so it shouldn't be AS difficult to transcode in real time.


I unchecked that box, and from the buffer activity I can tell that it is transcoding, whereas as it likely was simply streaming previously. The problem still remains that I cannot limit the video bandwidth. I have the option chose for (low-end CPU HD or wifi transcoding), and I had a peak bitrate over 30mbps, whereas previously I topped out at 25mbps. Any ideas here? Thanks for the quick reply to the initial post too!

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