Network Drive Mappings

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Network Drive Mappings

Postby chesser » Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:34 pm

problem I have is that I have a QNAP DLNA compliant NAS box which works perfectly apart fromt he MKV support, apparently a future release of PS3 update will include support for MKV, this little app works perfectly and plays MKV from my PC upstairs, I do have gigabit at home so speed is not an issue, I did find though that just trying to stream the 1080p had a juddering effect until I selected the file from inside the transcode folder and selected MSEncode then it played perfectly.

I noticed this doesn't connect to the NAS box, would be perfect if it did. I'm running 1.10.5.

Is there a way to make the PMS see Network shares on the PC or is there a version that is QPKG'ed for a QNAP 209 or does anyone know how to get it working on a QNAP 209?

I am using UNC drive mappings to the NAS box with the credentials stored in User Accounts on Vista.


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