strange subtitle options

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strange subtitle options

Postby AidyD » Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:40 am

I recently got hold of a movie file thats natively chinese, so subtitles are a must, on streaming it to my ps3 i found that the default subtitles language were french..

So i went through the transcode menu to find all the other language options, and found that it had every european language as a subtitle option apart from English..

So naturally i thought 'damn, should of checked the movie details on subtitles' thinking for some reason the file didnt contain English subtitles....

I decided to watch a few fight scenes on the VLC player, just because its in HD and upon launching it - the subtitles were in English??

This file doesnt have any srt packs or anything, its a single file for the movie...

Any ideas on why the default subtitles are different and why ps3 ms isnt finding the English subtitles?

Its .mkv 720p blu-ray, and its simply classed as 'vlc media file' .
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